Book of Present: Self-Understanding through Philosophy and Science is the first book in a unique three-part series designed to support you, regardless of your belief system, through a deeper exploration of your whole self, within and without. Raise consciousness to participate in the present moment with all dimensions of yourself, leaving behind all that is not truly you.

Look forward to reclaiming the body, befriending the mind, contemplating the deeper self, and expressing authentic heart virtues (such as balance, understanding, and compassion) as you safely explore the deeper nature of your own self.

Book of Present sets the stage for book two, which will dive deeper within, exploring ancient health and awareness practices to further unfold the true self.




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Since her childhood, Aida has been naturally driven to investigate the full extent of human potential, from the deepest levels of individual consciousness to the capability of our collective society. In 2017, Aida wrote Book of Present: Self-Understanding through Philosophy and Science as an accessible guidebook to awareness, growth, and understanding at every level of the human form.

Aida holds a Doctorate of Philosophy specialized in Holistic Life Counseling and is also a community member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), and the American Metaphysical Doctor’s Association (AMDA). Despite her credentials, she emphasizes that her writing and counseling emerge more from direct experience and heart connection than from her intellectual pursuits. Driven from the heart to educate and support others through the joys and challenges of their life journey, Aida offers live presentations, workshopscounseling, and other one-to-one sessions in both English and Persian Farsi through this website, over the phone, and in-person (based in Houston, TX, USA).

As a Certified Medical Meditation and Stress Management Consultant (CMMC and CSMC), she is experienced in administration of psychologically and medically supportive therapies such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Contextual Psychology, ACT Therapy, Autogenic Training (AT) and Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). These services are balanced by her philosophically informed private session offerings that dive to the core of meditation and the deeper limbs of yoga. Aida is also certified in Applied Positive Psychology by the University of Pennsylvania.

Naturally, Aida views physical fitness as an important component of the fully integrated self. As such, she is an active member of the National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers and holds certification from Yoga Alliance (Registered Yoga Teacher), as well as ACE, the American Council on Exercise (Effective Strategies for Training Obese and Overweight).

For the sake of connecting and harmonizing our global society, Aida believes that everyone on this planet deserves an equal opportunity to practice peace, virtue, and realization of body, mind, and consciousness and that it is the unique responsibility of the leaders at every level of society to create space for this self-development within their entire scope of influence.

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"A helpful and sympathetic book, combining the theoretical with the practical in a fruitful way. Exercises that will help expand your consciousness and benefit your health, combined with an expanded, and according to my understanding, more true view of what a mysterious miracle consciousness really is than is found within conventional psychology."

Terje G. Simonsen

(Author of "Our Secret Powers")

"Dr. Aida Askry is one of those people you meet and instantly feel as though you’ve known her all of your life..."

"She is well educated in wellness and holistic health and her approach to working with clients is deeply relatable. She’s a doctor but she so easily becomes a friend. She’s as knowledgeable as she is fun to be around!

Her new book “Book of Present” offers readers a deeper dive into the understanding of self. It’s the perfect mix of philosophy and science, an easy read and developmental tools that help readers navigate the process of building a personal path to wellness. I personally read the whole book in one day and was ready to start my own personal work!

I appreciate my inner being even more and thanks to Dr. Askry, I can establish greater balance to my life and to the lives of those in my family as the online tool becomes research for self-discovery that can be shared for generations to come!"

– Monique Walker (Founder and director of ServeGlad)

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